Friday, November 6, 2015

A New Blog... but not a replacement

Hello, faithful readers, friends, and happenstance visitors!

I wanted to inform you of a new endeavor I've begun with some of closest friends. We've started a blog called Vantage Points where we discuss theology & the Christian life. I'm really excited about this project because of how different I think it is from most content on the blogosphere. We'll take one topic per month (November is Theology & Work) and to write a personal perspective on the topic followed by responses by the other contributors.

In other words it looks like this:

I write about theology and work, posted Monday the 2nd.
Bryce responds, posted Wednesday the 4th.
Alex responds, posted on Friday the 6th.

Bryce writes about theology and work, posted on Monday the 9th.
I respond, posted on Wednesday the 11th.
Alex responds, posted on Friday the 13th.

And again.

You may be familiar with this format if you've read the Counterpoints, Viewpoints, or Perspectives series from publishers like B&H Academic or Zondervan.

What does that mean for Preparing for Eternity?

Well, not a ton. I'll still be here. I'll still be writing and trying to push you toward Christ and eternity with him. I'll still be offering book reviews. I'll still be engaging in culture. If anything, I hope that it will enable me to give you more because I'm not working on getting Vantage Points up and running--I just need to maintain it.

However, you should also know that I'm working on one more site right now. This other site will focus on the idea of 'subcreation' (a term popularized by J.R.R. Tolkien). Again, I don't think this will detract from Preparing for Eternity, but by differentiating, I hope to give readers here what they want and not have to simply filter out ideas that others would find beneficial. I'll let you know more about that site when it's all good & ready.


As for now, do me a favor and check out Vantage Points, maybe bookmark it, add it to your RSS feed, or like it on Facebook & follow on Twitter. And may God the Spirit encourage your soul as he reveals Christ to you more fully. And be on the lookout for some future creative endeavors, and in prayer for some thoughtful theological-cultural engagement.

In Christ, my Righteousness,
E.J. Boston

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