Friday, November 1, 2013

Finite Perspectives: Introduction

An infinite God in infinite wisdom made finite humanity. One thing finitude entails is the ability to hold limited ideas, emotions, and actions together at one time; in other words, one thing finitude entails is the inability to hold unlimited ideas, unlimited emotions, and unlimited actions together in our being at one moment. This is good for us—particularly because we are sinful and our ideas, emotions, and actions are tainted at best and cataclysmic at worst. It’s a good thing that your unrighteous anger doesn’t cloud your decision to buy a gift, etc. Sam Storms notes, though, that imperfection is not the only reason we are finite—we will continue to be finite in the New Creation.

That being said… you began today with a finite perspective of the world. Good! At least hopefully. Your perspective can be good or bad, true, false, incomplete, askew, appropriate, complicated, and any other adjective your mind conjures.

What is the first thing you set your mind to, or the first thing you shoved into your ear drums and eye sockets? Oftentimes, those become the contacts with which you see the world for the day. That’s part of the reason many pastors encourage “early morning devotions.” Of course you’re not bound to that mistaken thought, but you have to recognize it in order to change it. What did you wake up today with? Was it, “Thank you, God,” or “Agh! I’m late!” or “Stupid work, stupid school, stupid people”? The grace of God is sufficient for you; ask forgiveness for your sinful attitude and believe. But then change your attitude.

God gives us the categories with which to interpret the world. Gratitude is only one aspect… and probably a tint or qualifier rather than the lens itself. Some prominent categories the Word of the Holy Spirit gives us are:
  • A Marathon Race
  • A War Zone
  • An Exile from the Homeland
  • A Kingdom of Darkness vs. Kingdom of Light
  • Meat…
  • A Furnished Home
  • A Temple
  • A Garden
  • A Death March
  • A Marketplace
  • A Fishing Boat

We’ll be taking one of these at a time and spending some time training our mind to view the world and the things in it in the various ways God has presented it. I don’t promise a new post every day, but we will get to them soon enough. If I’ve forgotten a biblical lens, leave a comment and let me know. If you have a preference for which I write about first, also let me know. I’m looking forward to it, to opening and having the world opened to me in new ways.

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