Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Problem with Social Networking

A problem with Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads--that is, any and every social networking site--is that those things which are thought provoking are reduced to a shallow reaction of "Hm," "Ha," or "Oh." And although worthy of more attention which we half-promise ourselves we will do later, we move on to find the next Hm-Ha-Oh moment.
If something causes our vocal chords to rumble, we deem it worthy of internet space, but not real space--not space of thought, not space of time, not space of action.

We use it to forget the reality of life and be amused temporarily,
but when we go to be that night... seconds, minutes, and hours have been spent sifting through attempted wit, and we can't even remember the things that did strike a chord.

We forget the world

to forget everything

because we are afraid to face reality

we are afraid to enter our thoughts

we are afraid to meet the one we will find there

and the God who uses every moment of the day to say, "This is true because I am truth. This is enjoyable because I am joy. This is beautiful because I am Beauty."

Next time you come across something that makes you say "Hm," "Ha," or "Oh." Spend more than 1.5 seconds contemplating it. Ask yourself the question "Why?", write it on your hand or a sticky note or a napkin... then when you wash it off in the shower or sink, spend another thirty seconds on it; when you toss the sticky note while cleaning your desk, spend a minute thinking about it; when you throw away the trash from your meal, spend two minutes, thanking God for the meal you were able to enjoy, and consider him in whom all things find their source.

(This post was originally written in November of 2012, and published elsewhere.)


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